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Good Twilight Icons

the best of Twilight

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good icons
Welcome to goodtwicons, a community for good-quality icons from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. This community is by invitation only, and only applicants who have been accepted will be allowed posting access. We look for unique and creative high-quality icons. You're welcome to apply here.

EDIT: Applications are now closed - mostly because to be honest, I simply don't have time needed to run a community like this right now. Unfortunately, no one seemed overly interested in taking over when I asked, and so I've been considering shutting this community down. That may or may not happen soon, but for now, applications are closed. Thank you for understanding.

01. Do not click the join community button. You must apply for membership.
02. Please don't apply if you have no intention to post icons. You're welcome to friend this journal to keep an eye out for icons.
03. No requests, bases-only, or resources-only posts. There are other communities for that.
04. Please respect both the community and iconmaker's rules. Be polite, and everything will run smoothly.
05. If you are posting more than three icons, please place them under a cut. Maximum of three teaser icons please.
06. Application rules can be found on the applications page.

Thank you!

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